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As an independent, and innovative family company in the food industry, we develop, produce, promote quality, and tailor-made cooked, cut, IQF frozen products for the food and catering industry.
Since 1986, we have been anticipating the trends in food business:
we propose a wide range of standard, and original products that match the consumers' taste, and the food industry needs.
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Tailor-made products, reactivity, and creativity

Valia you invest in a highly added-value relationship.

We control the sourcing, the cutting, the cooking, and the freezing steps of our products. Thanks to a wide and original range of ingredients, we can answer to specific, as well as tailor-made requests.

"Knowing your blending constraints, we work together with you in a win-win relationship. "The market pressure is strong for our customers in all food sectors. Our experience in meat, fish, and cheese allows us to be aware of trends, and to propose relevant, and innovative solutions to you, as a partner. This enables you to be a step forward compared to competition."

A company, 100% dedicated
to food ingredients...
Une culture a votre service

Our tradition has been built around ingredients for blending. Our production facilities (2,600 m2) are specialised in the development, and production of food ingredients. Our tools, as well as our processes are flexible.
Our team is dedicated to your satisfaction: respect for our customers with a strong day-to-day reactivity and reliability of our people.

"Valia means added-value through creativity, and service for our customers."

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R & D
Just add creativity into your recipes
Partenaire de votre innovation
Tailor-made, original, and authentic products: the food industry customers trust us, as we have been developing ingredients over the past 25 years together with them.

"We do our utmost to finalise your projects in close cooperation with your teams."

Innovating with 100% food safety

We offer you the flexibility you expect respecting food safety at any step of the
development process :

  • Complete traceability with production batch identification,
  • Organic Ecocert certification
  • Non GMO products
  • Allergen policy
  • Samples of each batch are kept until the end of the shelf-life of all ingredients.

"From the start of any project, Quality people at Valia are involved."

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